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Our team

A 100% female team

Created in 2012, the firm has continued to evolve. The team now consists of 5 dentists, 6 clinical assistants, and 2 administrative assistants.

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Discover here the portraits of all the members of the team.

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What is an emergency and what are the modalities to benefit from an emergency window?

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> Having pain that does not go away with painkillers and that wakes you up at night: We will receive you the same day in order to devitalize the tooth.

> Have a fractured tooth that you can no longer squeeze: We will receive you the same day to extract the tooth.

> Have a crown on a front tooth (incisors or canines) that has loosened: We can receive you to reseal it. (NB: if the crown has been performed in the office for less than 5 years, this act will not be invoiced, but if the crown has not been done in the office, the resealing will be invoiced at 38 euros per tooth).

> Have an abscess (significant swelling of the gum, cheek or under the eye), we will receive you to give you a prescription or an injection of antibiotics depending on the importance of the infection.

> Have an implant crown placed in the practice that moves or has fallen: we will reattach it to you as soon as possible to prevent the gum from closing.

> or be undergoing treatment with one of the dental surgeons in the office and have a problem with the treatment in progress.

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Obviously, if your situation is an emergency, we will do our best to receive you and we will ask you to make yourself available at the time that we will have made available for you.

Please complete the questionnaire below to help us process your request as quickly as possible.

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Formulaire d'urgence
Etes-vous enflé?
Est-ce une douleur qui vous réveille la nuit?
Avez-vous des saignements?
Avez-vous pris des antidouleurs ou des antibiotiques?
Votre problème concerne-t-il un problème au niveau d'un implant dentaire (racine artificielle en titane)?
Par quelle dentiste êtes-vous suivi(e) au cabinet?

Thank you for completing this form, we do our best to process it and get back to you very quickly! If necessary, do not hesitate to send us, in addition, a photo to our email address:


You can make an appointment using our online agenda.


In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

> If you have never consulted at the office, the first appointments for adults are with Dr Camille ARMANDON, Marine CATELAIN or Laure-Anne GOURNIER, and for children under 15, with Dr Alice COMBE

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

> If you are already a patient in our practice and want to check your teeth and gums through a check-up, you can make an appointment with Drs Camille ARMANDON, Marine CATELAIN, Jessica DUC or Laure-Anne GOURNIER.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

> For children under 15, for a first appointment, for a check-up or an oral M'T Dents check-up, you will have an appointment with Dr Alice COMBE.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

> To benefit from an orthosis for sleep apnea, consultations are carried out with Dr Jessica DUC; For this you will need to have already seen your doctor and performed a sleep polygraphy.

> If you wish to make an appointment for a reason other than those mentioned above or for an emergency appointment, you can contact our administrative assistants by email

For your telephone calls 04 78 06 93 38, except in emergencies, prefer the afternoon. They will be much more available to respond to your request.

> If you wish to follow up on a quote that was given to you during a previous meeting, please send us, by email (transfer, scan or photo) your signed quote and the response from your complementary health insurance (We will call you back that we do not do third-party payment). We will then send you a link by email so that you can organize your appointments via our online agenda.

IMPORTANT: Please note that for children under 15 years of age, consultations are exclusively with Dr Alice COMBE and that her agenda is only open for the next 2 months. If there are no slots available, please renew your appointment later, as new slots are offered every day.



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